Hello, Simone here. I like to code, design, write, and edit to develop original content. I self-produced shows for Viacom, Discovery Networks, and the public radio for over a decade.

I am passionate about the intersection of tech and humanities, and I founded The Hoomanist, an independent media project for technologically aware humanists: you can listen to my profile interviews of personalities from Pixar, Google, or game developers part of MoMA's collection, or you can sign-up to receive our free, text-only The Hoomanist's Weekly Digest.

Anything you see with my name on, is entirely produced by just one person: me. I run The Hoomanist's server, take care of the code and Ghost instance, mail server and replies, graphics, radio format, editing and recording for Hoomans podcast, mailing list, distribution, social media and promotion. Have a media or tech project you need some help with? You can hire me.

With your support, I can work on these projects indefinitely. Please help me to keep The Hoomanist alive by making a small contribution now.