I've been a public radio host, late night correspondent on Comedy Central Italy, voice actor for the Italian dub of Japanese anime, digital art director for a newspaper, and gathered a few million views with viral satire videos. I studied Industrial Design before actually pursuing a degree in Comedy Studies. I produce most of my work, even when commissioned by broadcast networks. I have a hard time when people ask me who or what I am, so I use Aleksandar Hemon's answer: "I'm complicated".

"When asked 'What are you?' I am often tempted to answer proudly: I'm a writer. Yet I seldom do, because it is not only pretentiously silly but also inaccurate—I feel I am a writer only at the time of writing. So I say I am complicated."[1]


  • 1986: Born in Rome, Italy
  • 1997: First PC: Pentium MMX 266 MHz. Learning Visual Basic.
  • 1998: Got online convincing my parents to buy a U.S. Robotics 56K V90 modem (they were not sure what it was for).
  • 1999: Started learning HTML, CSS. And English (not enough resources in Italian).
  • 2001: Started learning Macromedia Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Discreet 3dsmax.
  • 2002: First coming out.
  • 2004: First Mac. Founded print and web design company 'Ensemble'.
  • 2005: Started college, Industrial Design and Architecture.
  • 2007: Veered towards humanities. Transfer to Contemporary Literature.
  • 2008: Voice actor for Japanese anime in Italian (Neon Genesis, Code Geass, Gundam).
  • 2009: First 1M+ views for independent satire video. Dropped out of college, hired full time as writer and videographer by national newspaper.
  • 2010: Started working in public radio as show producer and content creator.
  • 2011: Bombed on stage real bad. Decided to travel to the US alone and attend The Second City.
  • 2012: Digital Art Director for newspaper "Pubblico". Prototyped UX and UI of iOS apps. Deployed unified style guidelines for print, web, and mobile.
  • 2013: Late night senior correspondent on Comedy Central Italy. Founded 'Improv Italia'.
  • 2015: Moved to Chicago. Back to college in the US.
  • 2016: Met my husband. First solo hosting public radio show in Italy, from Chicago. Graduated iO Theater.
  • 2017: Graduated college, BA in Comedy Studies at Columbia. Hosted first solo Italian TV show for Discovery Networks Int'l, from Chicago.
  • 2018: Founded The Hoomanist

A sketch-art portrait of me that a stranger did and I turned into vector graphics.
A sketch-art portrait of me that a stranger made while I was relaxing at the lake. I turned it into vector graphics.

Yes And

Simplicity, not minimalism

I tend to modify interfaces and color temperature to accomodate a warmer, darker look. It's easier on the eyes, it's better at night, it's optimal for OLED screens. That's why this website is just black and light gray.

A Slice of Me


Me on a white background
By neonavocado


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  1. Hemon, Aleksandar. The Book of my Lives. https://www.worldcat.org/title/book-of-my-lives/oclc/849248436. ↩︎